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Ford strategy for electric vehicles gains outlines

by newsgary

Unlike Chevrolet and Nissan, which invest a lot of money in the promotion of Volt and Leaf brands, Ford decided not to create a recognizable and fashionable image of an electric car. Buyers of Focus Electric electric vehicles cannot openly boast of the image of lovers of “green” technologies. Instead, Ford chose a different strategy. The American Auto Concert creates a single platform for a car, which can be as electric cars, the same hybrids or standard models with an internal combustion engine. It all depends on consumer demand. If there is a significant increase in gas prices and everyone suddenly wants more electric or hybrid cars, the car concerns will easily adapt to customer requests. If the demand for environmentally friendly machines will fall, the Ford will be made by gasoline versions. For this operation, you do not need to suspend all production lines, as General Motors recently received, when the forecasts of sales of the hybrid Chevrolet Volt were not justified.”The transition to electric cars is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Mike Tinski Deputy Director of Ford. Last Thursday, for media events for the media in the city of San Francisco, he presented the serial version of Focus Electric. By the way, the new car will cost $ 39200. USA. Ecology lovers from among end consumers, in principle, are ready to pay twice as much as the gasoline Focus. Despite the similarity with Focus gasoline, the electric car covers many secrets. Focus Electric is stuffed with electronics, which is designed to closely integrate the car and smartphone. New machines will be controlled by cloud services. Video screens in the car fully reflect the pilot driving style: aggressive or calm. With calm driving – soft acceleration and braking – the driver of the car will see butterflies that flutter on the screen. Dashings will notice the results of sharp braking. The display will clearly indicate the share of kinetic energy, which the system of recovery braking uses for charging a 23-kilowatt lithium-ion battery Focus. All these data, including information about the amount of carbon dioxide, which did not get into the atmosphere due to the use of electric motors, are also available in the Myford Mobile smartphone application. And, of course, you can share these data on Facebook or on Twitter. The car can show drivers the location of the charging stations and lay the course from point A to paragraph B. Thanks to cooperation with Microsoft, Ford engineers added a function to the on -board computer, which allows the owners to enter their mail index and look at the prices of electricity, which is offered by nearby suppliers. Drivers can also first heat or cool their Focus while it is charging to avoid the operation of heaters and air conditioners on the way. In addition, you can get a car or unlock the doors with a phone. All these technologies are designed to help drivers optimize the range of machine movement from one battery charging, which is 122 kilometers. This indicator brings the car closer to Nissan Leaf and other modern electric cars. It is noteworthy that Ford engineers installed a charging system of 6.6 kW in the machine itself, which allows you to fully charge the battery for three hours when connected to a 240-volt charging station. This is twice as fast as with the same Nissan Leaf. The biggest plus of this machine is that there is nothing remarkable in it. Of course, it works quietly and has all the other advantages of the electric vehicle. We must not forget about the interior – everything is made of processed materials. The new Focus Electric maneuvers, looks and works like any other small and stylish car that you can see on the streets of your city.

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