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Modern houses are distinguished by high needs for power supply, which necessitates voltage regulation. This function is performed by stabilizing electricity converters, allowing to maintain voltage in electric networks in the given boundaries.

The jumps in electricity during the power of household appliances often exceed the level of 220V, which leads to undesirable overheating of TVs, lighting devices and refrigerators. Equipping networks with voltage stabilizers allows you to protect electrical engineering from possible malfunctions as a result of energy drops.

Unfortunately, many people recall about the installation of stabilizers only after the next jump in the tension, which led to the failure of the expensive technique. To protect yourself from such “surprises”, you should choose a suitable stabilizer model:

Single -phase – for the most part these are devices designed for household needs, which work in networks for 220V;

Three -phase – designed for electrical equipment, which is powered by 380V.

To select a stabilizer with optimal characteristics for a particular case, you should decide on the devices that must be protected from voltage fluctuations when connecting to a specific power grid. Home voltage stabilizers / This is a guarantee of safety for using electrical appliances and increasing the life of the equipment.The power potential of the chosen stabilizer should four times exceed the total power of the electrical equipment used.

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