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DIY Mediterranean corner

by newsgary

You have a big house or cottage? Then we advise you to read this article that will help to beautifully transform your site. Today there are many ways in which you can do this. One of them is landscape design. Today we will talk about the Mediterranean style.

Who once visited the Mediterranean Sea, he probably would like to create a similar atmosphere in his yard. The main element of the Mediterranean style is the greens. There are no lawns in this style. The coniferous and deciduous trees are very suitable for this. And what about the colors, so it is better to plant large, with large buds. For example: roses, gerberes, lilies and others. Give preference to yellow, orange and red coloring. The house should also correspond to the design style. It is best, of course, apply white or beige. An important part of the facade, which also needs to be paid attention, is the base, it must be separated from the main part of the house. By applying sea or river stone, /index.Php/Otdelka-Tsokolya will give your home the best view. Along the paths and on the steps, you can put various flowerpots or jugs. They can be made of ceramics, clay or wood. Wooden arbors, swing and benches will also look very beautiful here. Garden furniture is very relevant.

Description of all these elements of the Mediterranean style of landscape design can be easily found in books or on the Internet. And you can also visit stores where everyone will tell you. We hope we have helped you and now you will definitely turn all your fantasies into reality. Do with your own hands or just seek help from professionals of this matter.

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