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Methods of visual increase in the corridor

by newsgary

One way to increase the visual perception of the corridor space can be recommended by “destruction” by color. In this case, it is necessary to paint the walls located against each other in contrasting colors. For example, a wall with built -in cabinets will have the colors of a dark tree, and the wall located opposite is painted white. Or is it possible, on the contrary, a wall with white cabinets, and located opposite, blue, or bright red. Thus, two walls, close to each other, with different colors, will be deprived of a spectacle inherent in monotonous walls of dullness. By the way, about dullness. People usually listen to jazz to get rid of dullness, but not everyone knows what jazz is.

Another way of visual redevelopment of the hallway can be advised to “break” the space by arranging an artificial difference in heights (levels) of the ceiling. In this case, you can get an additional two mezzanines. If the entrance to one of the rooms is located in the middle of the corridor, you can equip the wall opposite the entrance with a wall cabinet, connecting it with overcoming the entrance with hanging mezzanines. Can be left from the side opposite from the entrance, on the contrary, a higher zone, freeing the width of the corridor. In any case, if we experiment with a design of different levels of ceilings, for example, using drywall forms, we will get a visual perception of a higher and wide room of the hallway.

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