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Methods of processing natural stone

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To date, builders have increasingly began to use natural stone, because this is an excellent decorative material that is distinguished by high wear resistance and reliability. However, for safety reasons, before using the stone, the stone must be subjected to a certain processing: either mechanical or thermal.

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The stone is also processed for decorative purposes, so that the types of surfaces come out. For example, the sawn surface comes out if the stone is treated with a sawing method. Such a surface will be rough and such a stone is more often used for external work, while its cost is relatively low.

Reduced roughness by grinding. Polished stone can also be used for interior decoration. The next stage of processing is. Produced by grinding with special abrasive circles. This stone is also easy for the internal and external decoration of the building.

If you need to give the stone the effect of a mirror surface, it is grinded with felt circles. This stone is used only for internal decoration of the room. It is important that with each subsequent stage the cost of decorative stone increases more and more.

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