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Creating homemade faster and heat source

by newsgary

The choice of fireplace is associated with certain requirements. It is very convenient when it does not give rise to smoke and does not need firewood for its work. At the same time, there is a real living fire in the fireplace. This is possible today. Biocemies – an innovation that makes it possible to enjoy real living fire even in a small apartment.

The advantages of this solution are obvious:

1. Does not emit smoke and combustion products into the air. Does not require a chimney.

2. Unlike wood fireplaces, there is no need for a constant laying of firewood.

3. The mobile structure is easily installed anywhere in the room and is also easily transferred from the room to the room.

4. Function on environmentally friendly fuel, so they do not pose a danger. The fuel includes bioethanol and ethyl alcohol. When combustion of this fuel, substances harmful to the body are not released into the air, there is no antipatical smell, which is especially important in large megacities.

5. Depending on the size and characteristics of the fireplace during operation, it distinguishes from 2 to 5 kW of heat, so biomemins can be used as sources of heating.

6. The most important feature is that bio -masins do not require the installation of the chimney and permission to install from the relevant services.

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