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Seat presented new Leon models

by newsgary

On the official website of the SEAT, the first photos of the Leon hatchback with five doors appeared, which will be presented “to the human court” already in September. In Paris, during the exhibition, spectators will be able to see and try to travel on a new car. It is worth noting that this is not the first, but the third generation of Leonov. The creators believe that this machine will be in great demand than those models that were before it.

Among the features of the SEAT leon configuration, a modular platform called MQB. It is expected that many more cars will be built on it, including from the Volkswagen concern. The first such machine is called the name Golf, which has already earned itself, which will also be held in September in Paris.

In the photographs, you can clearly make out that the new Leon will be distinguished by unusual beauty, although before they see it, it is too early to draw a live conclusions. It is worth noting that the engines that will be installed on the new Leon are still unknown. If logic, it will be units with three or four cylinders. 1.8 and 2.0 -comprised engines will differ in the presence of a boost.

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