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Suzuki created a cargo scooter.

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Suzuki showed the conceptual scooter Hustler Scoot. 2-wheel transport is slightly different from the “counterparts” in appearance. However, the trunk of a scooter has a record capacity and makes transport “cargo”. Hustler Scoot owner will be able to carry many things. The manufacturer positions a scooter as a transport for active people who value every minute. Neither city traffic jams nor a suburban highway will be a serious obstacle to Hustler Scoot. True, you can only ride a scooter in the warm time. The trunk in the model is under the seat, but Suzuki engineers came up with how to use the free space located between the driver’s legs. It is supposed to put hand luggage and suitcases here. Hustler Scoot is distinguished by excellent maneuverability, which is especially important when using a scooter in large megacities. A 49-cubic aggregate with air cooling consumes a small amount of fuel, therefore, often you will not have to refue. The name Hustler Scoot received from a Hustler micro -line with a large trunk. When the scooter goes on sale until it is reported. Passenger Gazelle rent, more on the website Transport-Pereezd. Optimal prices.

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