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Concern “Hyundai”.

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“Hende Motor Company” is part of a huge Korean concern, whose biography began in 1947. It was in this year that Jung of Chon Eun formed the design bureau “Hyundai”. Today it is not a small design bureau, but a huge concern. He is engaged in atomic energy and electronic engineering, petrochemistry and shipbuilding, the production of railway transport, construction, light industry and so on.

The concern began the production of cars in 1967. The next year, a contract was concluded with Ford for the sale and maintenance of cars of this brand. And in 1974, at the Turinsky Motor Show (Italy), “Hyunde” exhibited the “Pony” model. In some markets, it is also called “Excel”. “Pony” was developed along with the specialists of the Italian bureau “Italdeperade” and the Japanese company “Mitsubishi”. And in 1982 a branch of the company in Canada was opened, and the US market began.

Our Hyundai cars are also very popular. The explanation of this phenomenon is simple – the prices for Korean cars are available to many. Today on the roads of Russia you can find Hyundai Pony, Lantra, Scoupe, Sonata, Accent, as well as the pretty SUV Galloper.

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