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Sale of an apartment.

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It is not uncommon for apartments who are going to sell their dwelling are wondering whether it is worth repairing in their apartment before sale? Having repaired in your home, of course, increase the cost of your apartment in Odintsovo, but after the sale, know that the money spent on the repair cannot be completely returned.

The main factors that affect the cost of the apartment are:

1. The presence of the balcony in your apartment.

2. The existence of an elevator in your house.

3. The floor on which your apartment is located.

4. The location of your apartment.

5. Ecology in this area.

6. Infrastructure.

Accordingly, the house in which you are going to sell your apartment should not be in line at KSK for major repairs or not to have an emergency state. The repairs made in the apartments before the sale, as practice shows, and statistics do not play a special role.

If you still decided to carry out repairs, then do it as follows. First you should not start a big repair. Use not expensive building materials.

You should identify the shortcomings of your apartment and correct them first. You will need to perform the following actions:

1. Replace old sockets.

2. Replace the skirting boards.

3. Repair cracks on the ceiling and walls, if any.

4. Remove unnecessary trash from the apartment.

These nuances are able to help you in the quick sale of your apartment. Finally, I want to say that many buyers have the impression of a future apartment in the entrance. It is in the entrance that cosmetic repairs should be carried out. Successful sale.

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