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Sell ​​or buy an apartment

by newsgary

Almost all people, sooner or later, arose the question about the apartment. Sell ​​an old apartment, and buy a new largest area or in a new building. This question is very serious, and it is necessary to approach it, as everyone knows, with caution, because there are many scammers, and this is a lot of money. So, first we will figure out how to sell an apartment. Firstly, we start with the fact that it is very difficult and troublesome to deal with this issue itself, so I advise you to start a consultation with the real estate agency for a start. There are now a huge number of agencies in the real estate market, so it’s worth not to rush with this issue, to think about it, to ask friends. The agency should be several years, with customer reviews, with diplomas for work, etc. D. The agency takes on all the concerns, you only submit documents for the apartment and call their price, and they are looking for customers and t. D. For their work, they take a percentage: who – who – only after the transaction, the real estate agency will help to buy an apartment.

It is better to buy an apartment in a new building from the developer, although there are nuances here. The developer, like the agency, must be chosen thoroughly, he must also work for several years, with reviews, with examples of ready -made houses of good quality, with building permission, in general, with all the main documentation. Buy when the house has already been rented out is much more expensive than in the house under construction, but while it is being built, there is a risk. In general, when buying or selling an apartment, consider everything as it should not so as not to fall into the tricks of scammers.

It is best to find a realtor who has already worked with them and has done everything properly. And you can, if there is time, strength and nerves, do everything yourself: collect all the documents, bypass all offices, put up your apartment on an ad for the sale, open your own account in the bank, where you will then have to transfer funds to the apartment, or send it from him money for a new apartment.

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