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When selling real estate, you need to be guided by three main rules:

First – you should know that you are selling.

Second – you should understand who you are selling.

And the third – how much do you want to get from the sale.

When selling residential real estate, such as a typical apartment or small house, the corresponding real estate in Samara should be put. It should not be too large, since, most likely, a buyer of this type of real estate will be a person who has an average earnings.

In order to speed up the implementation of this real estate, you should place advertisements on the Internet and in print media. Well, in order to decide correctly with the cost, you should go to the real estate agency.

When selling a real estate object with excellent renovation in the central part of the city, it is also worth contacting the agency. It is not recommended to conduct such a deal independently. This real estate is intended for people with good income, so the cost will be appropriate.

In order for realtors to not set the value on their own, the owner should independently conduct an assessment of real estate, and then add to this amount the value of agency services.

When selling a certain real estate, the owner should collect all the necessary documentation in advance: documents that certify property ownership, certificate of state registration of the object, technical passport and photographs for a visual representation of real estate.

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