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About wooden windows

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If you are a resident of a spacious wooden cottage or just like natural materials, then wooden windows are what you need. They are successfully combined with stone, with brick, and with other building materials. Today’s technologies allow you to order any wooden structures with various functional fittings and independently opening sasins and windows.

Now you can forget about the obsolete and inconvenient spinger to all of us and that you need to seal the windows for the winter. New technologies of such wings form a pocket between them, providing reliable noise – and thermal insulation in the cottage.

Of course, such windows have their strengths and weaknesses. Unlike ordinary plastic windows, wooden, being made of natural material, they breathe well and provide excellent air circulation in the room. The air will not stagnate like that, so the dry atmosphere does not threaten either your pets or you. A comfortable microclimate is not all. Installation of wooden windows occurs much faster than plastic windows.

Before you see, you should make sure the quality of the material. The tree must be saturated with a special solution from decay and various insects. You also need to pay attention to how the tree is dried. In case of merciless drying, the material may crack, and the operation of the window, namely its opening and closing, will become a real nightmare for the buyer.

It is recommended to choose structures from glued beams, as it has excellent strength and does not dry out with the influence of adverse temperatures.

Wooden windows, unlike plastic ones, are good to repair. And if it is almost impossible to fix the scratches and dents at the PVC windows of PVC and dents, then chips or dents can easily be repaired using special wooden puttys.

Every 5 years, a wooden coating requires renewal, but with such a large selection of varnishes and colors, this is unlikely to be a big problem.

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