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Replacing the salon filter.

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The salon filter cleans the outgoing air of dirt, dust and pollen. The filter also helps to preserve the A/ C evaporator clean. This allows A / C to cool the salon with maximum efficiency and reduces the accumulation of pollutants on the evaporator, which contribute to the growth of microbes and then cause a musty smell.

Some salon filters remove smells, smoke. Combination filters usually have a layer of activated coal, which reacts with chemicals from the air and catch them before they penetrate the salon. The fibers of the filter material can be electrically charged, so they will primague and hold dirt and pollutants more efficiently.

What cars have air filters of the salon?

Air salon filters were introduced back in the mid-1980s on Audi and other European luxury cars.

The best way to determine if your car has a salon air filter, to see this in the user guide. Check the air filter salon index, or look in the section with the list of planned service points.

Where is the salon filter?

Again, refer to the management of the car to determine the exact location of the air filter of the cabin and the procedure for its replacement. On some models, the filter consists of two filters. This allows you to replace the salon filter in limited space. Some salon filters are folded in the middle, for lightweight removal and installation in a limited space.

Many air filters are behind the glove compartment. To replace the filter, you will need to remove the glove compartment.

On many cars, the salon air filter is located outside the passenger compartment, at the base of the windshield under the hood, where the duct of the ventilation and air conditioning system takes place. To access the filter, open the hood and see if there is a removable panel or cover. This will say about the presence of a salon air filter under it. On some cars you will have to remove a large plastic panel under the hood to get to the filter.

The filter replacement usually takes 10 minutes or less, depending on the car model. But there are models where the filter replacement takes more time, depending on what disassembly (a glove compartment or console, you will have to be removed to reach the filter). As a rule, no special tools are required, but it is necessary to make sure that the filter is installed correctly and the seals are tightly adjacent to the body.

The frequency of replacement of the salon filter.

Simple filters (only for dust) should change once every two to three years, depending on operating conditions. More frequent filter replacement may be required in dusty areas. Combined filters that also capture smells should be replaced once a year. Contact the management of the owner of the car to obtain specific recommendations of the service interval.

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