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Replacing the radiator VAZ 2110.

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Replacing the radiator of the VAZ 2110 is required when the TOSOL leak is detected or in case of heat exchange violation. You can read more about the malfunctions of the cooling system by passing this link.

But the radiator will be needed to be removed under other circumstances, for example, to restore after the accident. This article provides a step -by -step procedure for replacing the radiator VAZ 2110.

In order not to burn, we carry out work on a cooled engine.

Before replacing the radiator by the salt of Tosol and disconnect the minus terminal from the battery.

To get to the radiator, you need to remove the electric fan with a diffuser. We will remove the electric spectacle connector and the head of 10 unscrew the two bolts on the left side of the radiator.

We will also cut off two nuts from above and one below.

Remove the fan assembly with a diffuser.

Weaken the clamps of the pipes and remove the radiator nozzles.

Now we remove the radiator. We take it towards the engine and pull it out of the motor compartment.

Before replacing the radiator with a new one (if a leak occurs in the radiator), study the nature of the radiator damage and eliminate the malfunction that led to the radiator leak. It is possible that you have electrolysis of the system and replacing the radiator, in this case, will not give anything. After a while, a second replacement of the radiator will be required.

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