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Replacing ball supports with VAZ 2110, VAZ 2112, VAZ 2109.

by newsgary

On VAZ 2110 replacement of ball support does not take much time and effort. Replacing ball VAZ 2109 is a complete analogue of replacing ball supports VAZ 2110. Moreover, replacing the anthers of balls, completely repeats this procedure.

In this article, step by step, the photographs will show the entire process of replacing the ball support VAZ 2110, VAZ 2109, VAZ 2112.

Hang the car and remove the front wheel. Do not forget about safety precautions and set an additional support for the car. Also put the car on the handbrake.

The key or head of 19 unscrew the nut of the ball of the ball support.

Using the puller, we extinguish the finger of the ball support from the lever.

If there is no puller, then you can knock your finger using installation and hammer.

We remove the spell of the ball from the lever, squeezing the suspension with the installation.

Unscrew the bolts of fastening the ball support to the rotary fist. To do this, we will use the head for 17.

Remove the ball support.

We carry out the assembly in the reverse order.

I recommend adding a few drops of nigrola inside the ball support, and also do not clog the dustproof gloss with grease. Dismate the lubricant on the inner surface of the anthers.

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