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Replacement of CV joint and replacing the anthers

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Replacing the CV joint and replacement of the anthers of the CVAS are made at the same time. Antrass and CV joints gradually wear out on cars with front -wheel drive. When turning the steering wheel, a characteristic noise will be heard from the wheel hub. If the noise is heard when turning right, then wear in the left external CV joint and vice versa. The noise from the inner spike occurs either when touched (clicks) or when driving along an uneven road. This article describes the replacement of the CHRUS and replacement of the pollen of the CVAS at the same time. Well, at the end of the article you will find a video to replace the CVA, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Replacing the Scrap assembly with the drive shaft is considered a much more effective method than replacing anthers and crows. But what is the point of changing the drive assembly if, for example, you have broken the sponge?

Firstly, it is necessary to raise and fix the vehicle, and then remove the wheels. Remove the protective hub cap. Hub fastening nut is often zamy in the groove of the hub. Using a bite or screwdriver, knead the nut for free unscrewing the nut.

With the help of the head, suitable size, unscrew the hub nut. The nut is twisted with great effort and so that the hub does not turn, you can hold the hub by the guide stilettos with a large screwdriver or installation.

In the design of some cars there is an additional lever. Unscrew the lower lever from the rotary fist (if any).

Unscrew the ball support and release the lower lever from the rotary fist.

We display a shus from the hub. Podging with mounting or large screwdriver in the inner shreus remove the drive.

Remove the old drive.

Now that the drive is removed, we can remove the CHIC. Shrus boot is fixed with clamps. Clamps have various locks, but visually you can determine how to discard locks. Open locks and remove clamps.

Next, pry the sprinkle of the CV joint and turn the boot inside out the screwdriver.

On the shaft of the drive, for reliable fixation of the CHRUS, there is a locking ring. Therefore, we will knock the shrug with a hammer.

Next, we change the sponge of the CV joint and the CHRUS itself.

When lubricating the CVA, we apply lubrication only into the spacecraft, you should not put a lubricant in the boot. With excessive lubrication, the boot will tear faster.

The assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

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