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Replacing the fuel filter

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Replacing the fuel filter will take only a few minutes, and it must be changed once a year. In this article we will consider the procedure for replacing the fuel filter.

The fuel filter is one of those engine components that cost from $ 10 or $ 20, but the filter replacement can protect the engine from damage to thousands of dollars. Fuel filters protect some of the most delicate parts of the engine. Carburetors and fuel injection systems can be clogged with the smallest particles, so that a normally functioning fuel filter is very important. If the fuel filter begins to clog, then the supply of fuel will be difficult, which will prevent the normal operation of the engine.

Important: be sure to reset the pressure of the fuel system. Neglecting this step, you risk your health. I also know cases of fire.

How to reset pressure.

Before starting work on replacing the fuel filter, you must reduce the pressure in the fuel system. Fuel injection system works under very high pressure. If you do not loosen the pressure before the unscrewing of the fuel lines, the result may be explosive.

To relieve pressure in the fuel system (and fuel filter), you will have to find a fuel pump fuel fuse in the fuse unit. If you do not have a fuel pump fuse, find a relay that controls the fuel pump. As soon as you found a fuel pump or relay fuel fuse, start the car. With a running engine, pull out a fuse or a relay connector. If you did everything right, the engine will quickly stall. Since he uses all fuel pressure in the system, fuel lines will not be under pressure when you begin to unscrew the fuel filter.

Disconnect the fuel filter.

Now that you removed the fuel pressure, you can remove the old fuel filter.

If your fuel injection car (most modern cars), take the horns suitable for removing the filter. Filter connectors, in most cases, will be two different sizes. Unscrew the seoirs, put a rag on the ranges to separate the connector from the fuel line. It is even more to protect your eyes if there is some pressure in the line.

Note: some cars require a special key, check before starting work.

Remove the old fuel filter.

The fuel lines are disconnected from the fuel filter, now you can remove the old fuel filter. Most of the filters will be fixed with the assistance of the clamp, which is unscrewed using a screwdriver.

Important: carefully remove the old fuel filter, fuel is left in it.

Remove the old sealing goals on the fuel filter.

Install new goals on the fuel filter.

Wars, as a rule, differ in diameter. On the one hand, the fuel filter will differ from the other.

Install a new fuel filter.

The installation of a new filter is carried out in the reverse order. Do not forget to put a fuel pump fuel or relay cutter back before trying to start the machine. Now you have replaced the fuel filter and you can enjoy trips.

Your new fuel filter is ready for work.

So we examined the nuances when replacing the fuel filter. Leave your comments on this article, and also share it with your friends.

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