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Replacing the fuel filter VAZ-2110.

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Timely replacement of the VAZ 2110 fuel filter, will help you avoid trouble with car breakdown. It is better to replace the observation pit. Fuel filter replacement is 30,000-40000 km, but given the quality of gasoline, it is better to change it more often (15,000-20000 km). Do not neglect the replacement of the filter, because due to dirt, nozzles and other components of the fuel system may suffer, and these are completely different car repair costs.

So, in this article we will show the process of replacing the fuel filter in photographs.

Attention: The fuel system of the car is under pressure and, before starting to replace the fuel filter, you need to reset the pressure of the system. Otherwise, when you unscrew the filter, a stream of gasoline can harm your health.

How to reset pressure.

In order to reset the pressure of the system, you need to turn off the gasoline pump on the engine operating engine. This can be done in two ways: by cutting off the gas pump connector or by eliminating the gas pump relay on a running engine until it stalls. Thus, when the engine burns all the gasoline, you will drop the pressure.

Replacement of the fuel filter VAZ 2110.

Remove the minus terminal from the battery.

Please note that on the filter itself the hexagon has the 19th size, and the fitting of the fuel hose has 17th size. Take the appropriate horns and holding the filter with a 19 -key key, unscrew the costum.

We unscrew the second fitting in the same way.

Weaken the clamp with the fuel filter mounting with an overwhelming key and remove it. There will be gasoline in the filter itself, so do not rush to remove it right away. Wait until all gasoline is merged.

Install the new fuel filter. Pay attention to the arrow on the filter, it shows the direction of fuel movement, t. e. to the left side of the car.

After you installed a new filter, start the car and check the tightness of the connections.

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