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Replacing brake pads with VAZ 2110

by newsgary

Replacing pads 2110 and on VAZ 2109 is exactly the same. In this article, we will replace the pads and make an audit of brake calipers so that the new pads last longer.

Replacing the front brake pads with VAZ.

1) put the car on the handbrake, put under the rear wheel diagonally “shoe”. Hang and remove the wheel. For safety under the threshold, we put an additional support.

2) on the bolt of the lower mounting of the caliper stands a locking plate, we bite it.

3) unscrew the lower bolt and take it out along with the locking plate.

4) Weaken the upper bolt of the caliper mount.

5) Raise the caliper with the brake cylinder up. The new blocks are included with new blocks, so the wire of the old sensor can be cut. We will withdraw the sensor connector and remove the wire.

6) now the pads are released and we simply take them out of the guides.

Look at the wear of the old pads. If the wear of the internal lining is much larger than the external, then this indicates the improper operation of the caliper. The fault of this. Lubricate the guide and, if necessary, replace the boot of the guide.

7) to install new brake pads, it is necessary to squeeze the cylinder. We do it with large pliers. If there is a significant production on the brake disk, then you should think about the groove or replacement of the disks. Well, if there is no time to do this now or for some other reason you cannot pave the brake discs, then in order to avoid an unpleasant whistle, during braking, you can slightly flow the edges of the pads. Make sure that the springs on the blocks take in their place, otherwise the pads will rattle while driving.

8) collect the car in reverse sequence.

After you assemble the car, get it and several times with effort press the brake pedal.

Be sure to check the brake fluid level. The level will certainly change, so bring it to the permissible.

After replacing the pads, the car will slow down for several days worse than before the replacement. This is fine. As soon as the new pads are going on, everything will fall into place. Therefore, do not swing the first days, after replacing the pads.

So for today we learned about all the nuances, when replacing the pads of 2110 and after reading the article, you can avoid many mistakes that other motorists make. Share the article with Druzmi so that it is also easier for them. And also write in the comments what you think about this.

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