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Nanotechnology in cars of the future

by newsgary

Cars became the first type of equipment where the introduction of nanotechnologies began. It is worth noting that innovations are difficult to invent, because the suspension, and the engine, and electronics, and the body are completely thought out completely. Now the main task of the designers was to improve each unit separately, and nanotechnology should play a huge role in the implementation of this task. They can give the car body incredible strength, can make it possible to autonomously eliminate damage or work on alternative energy. Everything that was previously considered science fiction will be accessible soon.

Now let’s look at the unique models of supercars.

2007 Giugiaro vad. Ho take off

This car is a conceptual supercar, which, at first glance, is adapted for a flight no less than for movement on the ground, and its interior more resembles a cabin of aircraft – a real double cockpit, which is covered with a transparent lamp.

In relation to the dashboard, the word “avionics” is more suitable because the information displays Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS) are borrowed directly from the flight arsenal.

The offset of the cabin to board is not new, but the location of the motor is on the side of the cockpit, and not a simple internal combustion engine, but an environmentally friendly “hydrogen” V12 – this has not yet happened!

To the bottom. Rinspeed Squba

The Swiss company Rinspeed decided to create a car that can swim – apparently under the influence of films about James Bond. In this submarine car, many elements are based on carbon nanotubes, although the interior is inlaid with the most ordinary pearls and diamonds.

This world’s first double relative in the “feed” part has a pair of water -jet engines that allow it to move under water. True, at the same time, the driver and passenger will be completely in the water-the car is open! But nothing, thanks to a special breathing device, resembling an oxygen scuba gear, they will be able to breathe perfectly and under water.

Man Lifecar from Man Motor Pany – Auto -Proster

It is made of the most modern materials. This is a transformer car that can literally change its appearance.

Audi Virtuea Qttro

This is a car that is intended for one person, it works on hydrogen. Through the interface using holographic images, the driver will be able to change the appearance of the car himself, from carriage to car.

Mercedes-Benz Silverflow

This car is unique. His body can take any form. The secret is that the body is nanoparticles that are held by the power of gravity. He will be able to change the form on the team emanating from the keychain. Almost any form will be available. In addition to the form, the car will be able to take any color, as well as restore its geometry after impact, accident and any mechanical damage. The car will turn out to be self -healing. Когда на автомобиле появятся золотые области, то это будет сигналом о завершении трансформации, и можно будет двигаться в путь.

Electrostatic nanomotors will, through liquid molecules, transfer energy to wheels and thereby set the car in motion. All 4 wheels will turn, now you can park sideways or turn around. There will be no longer a steering wheel and pedals, 2 levers on both sides of the seat will appear. Another feature will be that the car can merge, become a small volume of nanoparticles that will fit into a bucket, and the car can be stored even under the bed.

Toyota Biomobile Mecha

This car will appear in 2057. It will have laser wheels that can adapt to a road of any type. The car will move on the energy of particles of harmful gases, they will be its fuel. During the drive, he will clean the atmosphere. The car body will be able to take any shape depending on the situation, and the laser wheels will be able to change the level of road clearance.

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