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Nano Horses named after Chubais

by newsgary

As it was sung in one old Soviet song: “Cars, cars, the playground were flooded”. Yes, my friends, the car has long ceased to be a luxury. It’s funny that this means of transportation interferes with the movement itself.

That is why I sold the shame of the domestic auto industry and bought Nano Nano named after Chubais. A very convenient thing. It fits on the palm of your hand. But it is worth giving him a team and throw him on the floor, as he immediately increases in size.

Literally after 5-10 minutes, an iron horse literally stands in front of you. Even laughs, but only with a metal echo. The only drawback is red and responds to the nickname Chubais.

Than Nano Hubais’s horse is better than an ordinary car? He does not have a gearbox. Manual, automatic, combined – why it is? Enough to say: “It rushed!”And Nano’s horse will really bear you.

Unfortunately, I got an unstable release of Nano’s horse (it was carried through a hole in the fence, having previously not tested for viruses and bziki), so periodically he will lie, look at the mare (even knocked out hooves to my wife), wildly laughs over Petrosyan’s jokes (bad upbringing) and asks oats (and he is now road).

In principle, if you purchase a licensed version of Nano Nano named after Chubais, then he will easily replace the infernal “Kalina” and the odious “Priora”. The main thing is to keep it in the depth and not feed the genetically modified products. In addition, you can’t steal a horse and you won’t hand over a pawnshop, which means you don’t have to put a gasket system on it!

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