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Floor for the living room –

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Living room, this is a place where the family usually spends most of the time. In addition, guests often come here and celebrations and holidays are organized. Choosing a flooring for a hall should be carefully, since the comfort of your family and your guests depends on it.

The most important thing is the stability of the material, ease of maintenance and design. When choosing a floor, you need to take into account how the material is resistant to moisture and dirt, as well as the intensity of movement.

If the living room is divided into a kitchen, a dining room and a hall, you can choose different floors for each zone. If you need to remove part of the things from the apartment when laying floors, high-quality boxes for storing things from Safe-Box will come to the rescue.


Laminate usually imitates wood, but it is cheaper than a natural tree. Relatively resistant to load and has a long service life. In addition, it is easy to clean. Produced in a variety of textures and colors. Its main disadvantages – it is susceptible to moisture and easily scratches.


Parquet is one of the most privileged flooring for the house, especially for the living room. Natural tree is very beautiful and comfortable, holds heat, has a long service life.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic floors create an elegant look. They are easy to maintain and withstand intensive movement. Although more often we meet them in a bathroom or hallway, they can be chosen for the living room, especially combined with a kitchen or dining room. The disadvantage is that they create a feeling of cold, but this can be overcome using floor heating or carpet.

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