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Luxgen 7 crossover – already in the Russian market

by newsgary

The cost of the Luxgen7 crossover in Russia was recently released. The car will go out in three trim levels, the cost of the basic configuration will be 1,320,000 rubles.

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The turbo engine of this car will have volume 2.2 liters. The car is equipped with an automatic five -speed gearbox and will be a capacity of 175 liters.With. The basic equipment has frontal Airbag, climate control, the seat is equipped with an electric drive, there is a heating function. A modern multimedia system has also been installed, the screen of which is 10.2 inches and which has six speakers. The basic equipment has a front -wheel drive.

A full -wheel drive will be the version of the Comfort Plus car. The cost of this car will be at least 1.5 million. rubles. The third version of the version of the “Prestige” version will have a system of circular video reviews, dead zones will be monitored by a special system, the function of night vision will also be turned on. Car owners will also be able to evaluate new chairs with a massage function. The cost of this device will be 1.6 million.

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