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Who is to blame or in defense of new technologies

by newsgary

How people relate to new technologies? Why sometimes the choice is made not in favor of the best? Which siding is better to mount?

Disputes that primary-new technologies or our attitude towards them, perhaps, is unlikely to ever end in something. And all for one reason – it all depends on the point of view. Or even from a life position. Anyone who seeks not to justify his mistakes by external reasons will assume that the main thing is our attitude to technology. But who strives, roughly speaking, to live at someone else’s expense, will always blame new technologies that everything has changed for the worse.

Take, for example, such, which has become a very popular service, like overlapping roofs. People change their housing or simply understand that the old roof needs to be changed. And what to change? For example, the owner of the house learned that the installation of Siding Dece is a very good solution. But, either he himself, or his relatives and friends convinced him that he should not overpay, and it is better to purchase another sidoning for installation, which is cheaper, they say, they are all the same.

A man obeyed and did so. Time has passed, and the roof began to flow. And, what is called, whom to blame now? New technologies or elementary greed, which is at least six thousand years old? It is clear that it is easier to blame everything on technology – they cannot answer. To blame yourself is unpleasant. However, from this approach, the roof of another will no longer be ..

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