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Cuisine in the English style

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The selection of a design solution in the design of living space is a matter of personal taste. But when it comes to such a room in the house as a kitchen, then in addition to a spectacular appearance, it is also necessary to take into account its purely practical purpose. Many design areas satisfy the solution of these problems. One of them is a kitchen in the English style.

Strictness, absolute symmetry, unambiguity of color solutions, convenience, harmony and at the same time grace of design – all this is a kitchen in the English style. How should the design of the kitchen in the English style begin? First of all, you should clearly plan the occupied area, because the kitchen in the English style does not tolerate tightness and fuss – square meters should be enough for massive, numerous furniture and for free movement around the room. Recall that the kitchen in the English style involves the location of the “island” – desktop – in the center. If you consider that the area allows you to embody the selected style, you can proceed to the next stage.

Outwardly, the design of the kitchen in the English style has its own distinctive features that appear in detail. These are cast metal handles (better – from tin or stylized for it); and phylene pediments made of a dark tree, giving both an elegant and noble appearance at the same time; It is good to use in the design of the “aged” ivory color. On the floor you can lay out a pattern of tiles in the spirit of the 18th century. Moikas should be chosen not modern metal, but made of ceramics, countertops should be made of an expensive tree, or from granite, or from shale, etc. D. To make a general idea and/or draw ideas for decorating a kitchen, you can first look at the photo design photo of the kitchen interior, which can be found on thematic sites on the Internet or in specialized furniture catalogs. In a word, at this stage it is necessary to think about what building materials you need to finish the ceiling, walls, floor, what exactly the doors and windows will be to match the chosen direction – the kitchen in the English style.

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