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Leather sofa: disadvantages and advantages

by newsgary

In order to add a little luxury and solidity to the interior, many buy a leather sofa and do it absolutely correctly, because in price, quality and appearance, other types of upholstered furniture are inferior to it, except for modern modular sofas (read more on the page).


The main disadvantage of the leather sofa is that it is not very convenient to lie on it, since its surface glides. The bedspread in this situation will also not save, as it slides along with the body. You need to be more accurate with pets. If suddenly the cat decides to flood the sofa of a claw, scratches will remain on its surface, which will spoil the appearance of this piece of furniture. Moreover, even small traces of claws will begin to creep over the entire surface over time, and it will be difficult to save the product.

If in the summer on the sofa of genuine leather is a pleasure, since its surface is cool, then in winter it is cold enough, so you just can not do without covering. The sofa with such upholstery can never be placed near the window, since the sun’s rays are destructive for genuine leather – it begins to dry and crack over time.

The skin is very demanding in care, so twice a year it must be treated with a special tool. An important drawback of leather furniture is that if jeans are leaned on the sofa, a spot will appear on the spot that will be difficult to get out. This also applies to fat spots that are formed due to the contact of the body and sofa.


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