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Carpet of wool – a warm solution for the interior

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A carpet is an ideal opportunity to radically change the interior, filling it with color, harmony and warmth. Touching it gives sensual bliss, and contemplation – the game of colors, comfort and comfort. It looks harmonious both with modern and classical style. He has an amazing artistic ability to transform the room, bringing a touch of sophistication, luxury, peace and peace to it.

The correct choice of flooring depends not only on its coloring, but also on the general tone of the room, on accessories located in the room. A light, “cold” interior can be made warmer and joyful if you put a bright carpet on the floor. A great option would be a carpet of coat or warm shades: scarlet, orange, pink. Beige shades with unobtrusive large pattern are suitable for white furniture and walls. It can be flowers or unpretentious ornaments. You can choose a bright shade by focusing on the carpet.

It is not advisable to select the floor covering in the color of the furniture. The interior will lose its individuality and beauty. It will best dwell on harmonious combination of shades of carpet and accessories. Pink shade will look perfect with pillows of the same color. Beige tones will emphasize purity and visually increase the size of the room.

Not necessarily accessories must be tone to match the flooring. Shades that are very close in color will look harmonious.

Bright furniture of the same colors cannot be placed on a bright carpet. It will look screaming and not organic. Red furniture will look perfect on a white palace, and vice versa. The rhyme of the floor covering with the interior selects such a color that will emphasize all its beauty. Black and white carpet will perfectly emphasize the contrast of a light interior.

Fluffy carpets with a large pile are ideal for any room. Sheggi will perfectly fit into the interior of the room, where there are few furniture, bring the warmth of heat to the rooms with cold shades of wallpaper or furniture. They make the room “warm” and cozy, without overloading the interior. You can buy a sheggy carpet inexpensively, giving the interior softness, calm and harmony. Thick and luxurious, with elegant patterns, it will be the perfect option for the living room, children’s room or bedroom. Dear furniture of strict forms or interior officials will lose their dryness, acquiring elegance and warmth.

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