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Children are flowers of life. The duty of adults is to take care that they grow in suitable conditions. Such conditions include the right choice of furniture for educational institutions of school and preschool type.

The company has established itself as a successful and reliable partner in the furniture market, who in recent years has learned to combine quality and quantity. All the products that they produce meet the accepted quality and reliability standards. An individual approach to the customer allows you to carry out projects not only of the standard type, but also taking into account individual preferences and customer offers. At the same time, you can be sure that an individual approach will cost at the optimal price, will be produced efficiently and it will be quickly delivered at the destination.  Senad Group proposes to solve the problem with furniture with qualitatively, fast and inexpensive and in one place.

In the production of furniture for various age groups, the age of the children is taken into account. So, for preschool institutions, the emphasis goes to the environmental safety of the furniture produced, as well as the creation of beautiful and healthy posture and the ability to relax. The close attention is paid to safety, because at this age the foundations of the mental, physical and mental development of children are laid. And for a small amount, the full set will help to embark on the path of proper development.

Furniture for students also meets all the necessary requirements for safety, environmental friendliness and reliability. At the same time, you can choose an option for any school premises: from a regular class or chemistry cabinet to a dining room and library. Various options for tables and chairs will appeal to both students and their teachers.

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