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Laying of fond boards

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Due to its design, the floor of foul boards, devoid of knots, is very easy to install, and besides wear and tear, as well as aesthetically beautiful. These qualities have determined the popularity of this flooring. About how to arrange a fond -down planks will tell our leadership.

Characteristics of discouraged even boards

The main feature of even boards is the presence on the rib of the longitudinal ledge (spongus), which is included in the appropriate groove of another board in the form.

Soft evergreen coniferous species of wood are used as a black floor, which can also continue to be varnished, covered with a floor carpet or plastic smooth tiles. Of the much more expensive solid breeds, it turns out a final floor, which has strength. Meanwhile, the planks can swell, as well as to bore, therefore try to choose wood with a slight moisture content of up to 10%. Immediately before laying the material, you must certainly need to dry just in the room where the floor will be covered.

The boards themselves are produced from different lengths from 1 to 5 meters, as well as much more. In the process of acquisition, it must be taken into account that in the region of 10% of high -quality boards can also go to waste.

Materials and tools

Cloves with a cylindrical hat


Saw for cutting wood




Circular Saw


The first board without knots should be equal to the length of the partition, therefore, before cutting off the required amount of material, measure the required distances;

Place the very first ordinary board with a comb to the partition, leaving a crevice of 20 millimeters, which is needed for completely unhindered expansion of the material after the flooring;

Strengthen the smooth board with cloves, nailing it to the base of the floor;

Follow this, put the subsequent rows of ordinary boards. The 2nd, 3rd, as well as the 4th rows, beg the 2nd cloves, at the same time, the 5th row should consist of a full-sized board nailed by one nail. With a similar method, cover the full area of ​​the floor;

Fun rather short planks on wooden lags. Why arrange a piece of such a discouraged board between them, playing the role of laying; And do not forget to buy a bath before laying here is offered to buy with delivery and installation: cast -iron baths of Russia of various sizes with connection to the sewage system. Put into ordinary lags P-shaped brackets at a removal of 70 millimeters from a piece of plank;

Between the brackets, insert the wedges with a piece and, accordingly, beat them towards each other with the 2nd hammers until the planks are connected together very tightly very tightly;

The final 2 or 3 rows of ordinary boards should be in the entire length of the partition. In order to fit the last smooth board – cut it right along the disc saw;

In the crevice between the partition (wall), a smooth board, forget the wedge, and after fixing with cloves of the last row, remove them.

After work, thoroughly sweep the wood sawdust and, accordingly, dust from the floor surface.

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