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Lining linoleum with a pattern, flooring linoleum with an image, pattern

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The flooring of linoleum having an image or pattern will require a more thorough fit compared to ordinary linoleum. The general technology will be such. First, the sheets are placed upward, then they are cut down according to the maximum size of the room. The drawing is obliged to take the landmark in parallel to the longest wall.

The material must be adjusted to the walls with a special metal ruler, and then very carefully cut in small incisions. When you lay linoleum with a pattern, it will be necessary to control so that it does not completely adjoin the wall. This will give you the opportunity to avoid bending the coating. So that the linoleum pattern is completely coincided, 2 pieces are placed at the seam site. The place of conjugation of the pieces is pressed with a rather heavy object, and with the help of the ruler they cut the seam through both layers with phased incisions, and then we must get rid of unnecessary scraps.

The coating with a pattern must be glued so that its drawing exactly coincides at the edges. Now 2 methods of laying linoleum having a pattern are common, but in both cases it is necessary to first cut the edges using a ruler and a knife. If you lay 2 linoleum sheets, you will need to cut only the docking edges, if three or more, then you need to cut the edges on both sides in medium canvases.

The first way

As soon as you cut the edges, you will need to glue the 1st sheet. With the help of mastic, it is necessary to smear the completely wrong side. After two or three days, the adjacent edge of the 2nd sheet is glued, approximately twenty centimeters in width, the rest is left untouched. The glued edges must be pressed with a very heavy object and left for 48-72 hours, and then proceed to the full sticker of the 2nd canvas. If it is necessary to lay 3 sheets of linoleum, first glue and load the middle sheet, when two or three days, the edges of two lateral canvases are processed, and the mastic should be applied with a layer no wider than twenty centimeters. Когда пройдет еще два-три дня целиком клеят боковые полотна.

The second method

First, the edges of the mating canvases are glued. Mastic should be applied with a layer no wider than twenty centimeters. After 48-72 hours, you can proceed to other parts of the canvases. It must be controlled so that the drawing exactly matches. It has long been known that some types of linoleum, as it were, are seated, and some are expanding. In the first case, linoleum, having a drawing, forms a gap between the canvases, which will then need to be filled with putty.

In the second case, there is a risk of swelling of the edges, one transition to another, and this will violate the pattern. To avoid all this, you need to preliminarily glue all mating paintings, glue 15-20 cm wide, which will minimize shrinkage or expansion.

After gluing, they will not be terrible expansion or shrinkage of another part, and this will allow you to maintain a complete picture of the picture. But this will take a week (7 days) or decade (10 days). If you see after that under the linoleum of swelling, it is necessary to put a thin flat plywood on a deformed place and crush.

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