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Lambhini history. Bulls on the road!

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We will talk about a car that many motorists dream of, about a car, the drive of which gives pleasure, and the sound of the engine makes the heart beat more often. We will talk about a real bull, about lambhini.

The company was founded in 1962 by Ferruuccio Lamborgini. The exact history of the company’s foundation is not known and there are many legends on this topic, but the following is the most popular and beautiful. Lamborgini was a successful manufacturer of agricultural machinery. His car was Ferrari 250, which caused the owner a lot of complaints. Lamborgini arrived at the Enzo Ferrari office to personally tell him ideas with which you could improve the car. However, Ferrari refused Lamborghini in a harsh form, saying that he should know how to build sports cars. Lamborginiy Evil left the office, sat on a bench in front of the office and firmly decided that he would make a car better than Ferrari. A few years later, when the legendary Miura appeared, ahead of Ferrari by technical solutions and characteristics, Lamborgini returned to the same bench, but already happy. He achieved his. Although Lamborgini and Ferrari were generally engaged in one thing, they never talked to each other. There are different opinions about the brand logo too. One legend, Lamborgini chose the bull as a logo, since the zodiac sign was a body. According to another theory, I chose a bull because of the death of a friend’s friend in the 20th, on the side of the racing car of which a bull was depicted.

Soon the first Lambhini workshops appeared, a number of engineers who worked in Ferrari were invited. The first model with a bull on the hood appeared in 1963. The model was called Lambhini 350 GT. However, it cannot be said that the company was waiting for an instant success. The car had a number of serious disadvantages: the 12-cylinder engine required improvements, the design of the car was unattractive. Only 8 such cars were sold.

Everything changed in 1965 with the output of the Miura model. C Miura Lambhini was the first manufacturer producing average engineer cars. V12 was located on a special transverse frame. In the first year of sales, 111 cars were sold and Lambhini became a world -famous manufacturer.

Then there was no less successful Countach model, but in the 70s Lambhini was waiting for bankruptcy. The fuel crisis could not bypass the manufacturers of supercars, and Lambhini was forced to sell its production of Fiat tractors. Car production was delayed, the supply of spare parts was difficult. All this caused a large amount of discontent from buyers and owners. In 1978, the company was declared bankrupt. The company was bought by the Mimram brothers from Switzerland.

In the early 90s, the company was bought by the Chrysler auto giant. Under her leadership, another famous Diablo model appeared, which again returned Lambhini to the top of Olympus manufacturers of supercars. Then the company was again resold by a group of financiers from Indonesia, and then, in 1998, fell into the hands of Audi, where it is still located. In 2001, the Murciélago model was released, which can be considered the beginning of a new era for Lambhini. As for the racing history of the brand, its founder Feruccio Lamborgini established a tough rule that Lambhini cars would not participate in races. And throughout its leadership, the company did not participate in races. In the early 70s, Lambhini collaborated with BMW in creating a truly racing car. However, Lambhini could not cope with its task, and the car was fully developed by the BMW M branch, and went on sale called BMW M1. In general, Lambhini has been and remains the legislator of fashion in the world of supercars!

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