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The rubber tires of the future will not have to be pumped up with air

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There is a chance that in the future our cars will be shod in completely different tires, Bridgestone Crop has developed a new tire manufacturing technology, which are no longer dependent on air pressure, since they are completely made of special thermoplastic rubber.

If the trouble -free Bridgestone plastic tire technologies can be sold on all vehicles, then it will not be necessary to carry a car pump and check the air pressure.

In the innovative bus, bent rubber knitting needles are located along the edges, which are attached directly from the rim of the wheel. The distance between the knitting needles is very small, and the knitting needles themselves are located at an angle of about 45 degrees, and the slope on the one hand is exactly the opposite of the tilt from the other side of the wheel.

Such an airless design allows the wheel to behave the same way as well as the air -pumped bus.

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Not only does this bus save the cost of maintenance, it is also environmentally friendly, since its rubber tread is subject to 100 percent secondary processing, in the main wheel composition, easily processed thermoplastic resins.

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