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Today in construction, it is simply necessary to use the reinforcement of St. Petersburg. Steel fittings are needed in order to reinforce reinforced concrete products. Such reinforcement is also divided by profile, that is, smooth reinforcement and periodic profile. There is a classification according to the technologies with which the reinforcement was made, which means that it can be a hot rod and cold -tied wire reinforcement. And the rod, in turn, can be both smooth and periodic reinforcement.

The reinforcement of the periodic profile looks like round profiles that have two longitudinal ribs and transverse protrusions.

Steel reinforcement is the most popular type among black metal rolling. It can be different: smooth, corrugated, heat -resistant and chemically persistent. The main scope of reinforcement construction, as mentioned above, or rather the construction of structures and reinforced concrete concrete. In the buildings that we live, the corrugated reinforcement is used, as well as, smooth, which have various mechanical qualities and various thicknesses.

Ordinary concrete cannot withstand heavy loads, but with the help of steel that is used here, in concrete, indicators in strength increase. The concrete also positively affects the reinforcement, namely, protects against moisture, the environment.

But, thanks to the fact that we live in a world where everything is developing quickly, you will not have time to look around, as we have already come up with or created something new, the companies that are engaged, directly, the production of reinforcement, studied the needs of the market. After this, the reinforcement of St. Petersburg began to appear more and more often with improved indicators in resistance to corrosion and heat resistance. Today, such strong “varieties” of reinforcement can be bought on the Internet.

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