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Audi A8 is an excellent representative of the premium -class car

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In most cars, it is important to feel comfortable. Everything is done for this. After all, if a person cannot feel comfort inside the car, then he is unlikely to be a large amount of time in it. Premium cars are distinguished by special comfort. Such cars are intended for people who have already received a lot in their lives. And now they just want to enjoy everything that can. An excellent representative of the premium car is Audi A8.

This is a flagship project from German developers. The car is as if created for filigree and measured driving. What is the luxurious leather salon cost. But do not underestimate the German genius. If you want, then your audi will be able to accelerate to hundreds in five seconds. And this is a very good result. This model has pleasant additions in the configuration. One of them is new LED headlights with sensors. Such headlights can be installed independently.

The sedan is well controlled and travels along the roads. True, because of its size, you will have to sweat to find him a parking place. The cabin has beautiful seats upholstered in beige skin. The salon itself is quite spacious and cozy. The dashboard is stuffed with various mechanisms. Multimedia system is also on top. The car can switch to sport mode and develop decent speed. The engine in this mode can type up to 6500 revolutions.

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