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Installation of steel pipes.

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When installing the pipeline, several methods of installation connections are used. Large installation companies often use the welding method. But for high -quality installation, special welding equipment and high qualifications of personnel are required. Both gas welding and electric welding are used here. With this installation method, pipe with smooth ends are taken.

The enterprises less in their work use pipes with long or short threads at the ends and connect them with screwing. To increase tightness, the gap between the pipes is filled with sealing materials.

In most cases, water and gas pipes are connected using couplings, which are also called fittings. These are ordinary rings and knees made of metal, which are fixed at the junction and brewed. When installing steel pipelines, experts recommend using only steel fittings. Also sometimes used flange connections-at the ends of the pipes, flanges are attached by bolts.

With any installation method, special attention is paid to the processing of joints, since in these places the metal is especially susceptible to the negative impact of the environment.

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