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Installation of the heating system and laying of the water supply in the frame house

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A promising direction of frame technologies is becoming more and more popular every year. In Europe, the projects of frame houses are given the lion’s share of all residential buildings. Such structures reliably retain heat and are perfectly adapted for year -round living.

Special requirements are imposed on laying engineering communications in such houses. So, the heating system and water supply are closely interconnected. Heating of the room and heating of water are usually carried out at the expense of one double -circuit boiler. Water cooler chillers will be interesting to you.

The water supply of the frame house includes the outer circuit and the wiring of the pipes inside. The first represents the installation of water fence with its subsequent supply directly to the house. The source may be the central water supply, well, well. It is determined even at the stage of designing the building, as well as the pattern of wiring pipes inside the house (kitchen, toilet, bathroom). Entering the house through the pipes laid through the territory of the site, water enters the system of internal water supply with the connection of plumbing and heating devices to it.

The heating system in frame houses can be of various types:

– Water. In this case, water is heated by a boiler operating due to any type of energy (electricity, gas, diesel fuel). Radiators and pipes are connected to it, which are laid inside the walls and floor;

– Air. For effective heating, forced ventilation is installed. Cold air enters the heat exchanger, where it changes its temperature, transmitting it to the coolants;

– Arrangement of a warm sex system. Implemented by wiring metal -plastic thin pipes, which are laid under any further coating;

– Boiler installation. Very high requirements for this design of the frame house are due to flammable materials. Therefore, for the boiler you should make additional masonry and place it at a long distance from the walls.

When arranging heating and water supply, it is more advisable to use as few connections as possible, using long segments of the pipe. The high quality of connecting elements is also important. In order to prevent moisture from entering the insulation, the pipes are protected by a corrugated sleeve.

Thanks to projects of frame houses, you can seriously reduce heating consumption and provide comfort for residents. It also occurs due to the skin of the walls with thermal insulation material. Therefore, for maximum conservation of energy, it is important to properly warm the house and install high -quality sealed windows.

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