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Installation of cornices

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You decided to hang roller curtains, but for this you first need to install cornices. But before going to the store, decide on the type of cornice. They are divided by the method of attachment to ceiling and wall. Are made of different materials: metal, plastic, wood and mixed appearance. And also in appearance there are round, string, baguette, profile. Wooden cornices are considered classics, as they are suitable for any interior. For such cornices, as a rule, oak, cherry, acacia and other solid rocks are used.

Plastic – the most diverse in the assortment and at the same time relatively not expensive. At the same time, they are very easy to care for, but light shades are able to burn out.

Metal – often used for heavy curtains. In addition to the fact that they are quite strong, they are also very beautiful. Sometimes they contain forging elements, which looks perfect in an apartment with a classic style.

So, having decided on the view, we proceed to the installation.

1. We measure the window width. Next, to determine how much to retreat from the edge of the window, we subtract the width from the cornice length and divide by two. From the result, we retreat another 5 cm towards the window and with the help of a self -tapping screw and a drill we fasten the bracket. In this case, you need to turn off the electricity so that not by chance not get into the electrical wir.

2. We insert the cornice into the bracket and align. Then we measure a hole for the second bracket. Having removed the cornice, we hang the second.

3. Insert the cornice into the brackets, fasten them with self -tapping screws. We fasten the cornice caps.

Everything can be started to the curtain suspension.

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