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Installation of a metal door

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Over the past few years, the metal door migrated from the category of luxury objects into the category of vital things, since it is almost impossible to protect their housing from attackers without it. But the level of protection depends not only on the door itself, but also on the quality of its installation. Until recently, the installation using a construction gun was the most popular.

With this installation method, steel pins were welded on the door box, which were then shot by a gun to the carrier wall. Outwardly, this design seems quite reliable, but the attackers learned to open it. It is enough just to bend the pins with a mount – and the door along with the box can be removed from the doorway. Therefore, the installers were forced to look for another installation method, and the installation using a pistol is extremely rare to date. To date, completely different methods are used. To begin with, the master whisper in the bearing wall of the hole and clogs pieces of reinforcement in them about 15 cm long.

The door box is welded to this reinforcement. In the process, electric welding is used. When installing the door in a concrete house, six pieces of reinforcement are used – three for each side. If the installation occurs in a brick house, then you will need at least eight. In addition to six pieces on the sides, one is still used from above and below the box. After installation, all the elements of the doors damaged during the welding process are tinted. Then the canvas hangs on the finished box, the loops are adjusted. The final fitting of the door in the doorway occurs using a sledgehammer.

You can, of course, try to install a metal door yourself, but in this case you will personally be responsible for the quality of the installation, and no complaints about the quality of the door will be accepted by the manufacturer. It is also rarely possible to correctly install the door the first time, so it is better to entrust this procedure with a qualified specialist.

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