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Install the carpet.

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Before starting work, measure the room and draw a room plan. It is advisable to use millimeter paper for the greater accuracy of the drawing. When choosing a carpet, you need to look at the quality and stability of the material. After all, you choose it for many years. It is also better that the size of the carpet is slightly larger than the necessary, at least 5-10 cm.

Before installing the flooring, a very important point is the preparation of the floor. The surface should be rough, without sharp edges and cracks. In general, it should be plastered and well -tied, only then you can start gluing. Prepare the necessary tools that will be used to perform these works. Of course, you will need a knife to cut carpets. In small rooms, carpets can only be glued at the ends and diagonally, but when it comes to large rooms, especially where a large stream of people gluing occurs over the entire surface.

If during the repair you need to lift heavy things, you can use winches, for example, people like here – . They greatly facilitate labor, in addition, your work will be faster. If you need to raise a lot of things, we recommend that you take a closer look at electric winches, you do not need to use physical effort, so all actions will be easily performed.

Take note that the surface should be perfectly clean and dry. Carpets should be well fixed not only for aesthetic consideration, but also to increase its stability, durability, and for security reasons. Gluing is carried out directly on the floor.

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