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How to choose a garage

by newsgary

When buying a garage, the question is always relevant about how to choose exactly what you need and not to fail with the price.

Before you start choosing options, find out the following questions for yourself:

– Why will a new garage be used;

– the amount of the money you plan to spend;

– remoteness of the acquired real estate from your home. It is easier and cheaper to choose a garage for storing all trash for which there is no place in the apartment-in this case you can buy a garage, on the outskirts of the city and not worry about the lack of a hole and electricity in it.

In any case, do not neglect the security issue – take care of ensuring that the garage is in the zone of direct sight of the security point, if any. Pay attention to what the back wall of the garage is made of. If it is made of brick or slag block, and goes to a dark, deserted wasteland, then the attackers may well make out the wall. Best when the back wall is made of foundation blocks or reinforced concrete. Well, or, at least strengthened from the inside, a grate of metal rods (you can build such a fortification yourself).If there are salt stains on the walls of a potential purchase, and on the floor, nailed by drops of water, dust is better to refuse it, because there is a problem with the roof, and during the rain it will be dripped from the ceiling.

Explore the vegetable pit-of course, it should be dry and have supply and exhaust ventilation. If possible, immediately get acquainted with your neighbors, you can find out from them whether there are soil waters under local garages.

Be vigilant and attentive, making a purchase, and the new garage will serve you faithfully.

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