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How to choose a fittings for the foundation?

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The reinforcement is a special variety of metal rolling, which is used to create a reinforced frame of various reinforced concrete structures, as well as reinforced foundations. This process allows you to make foundations more resistant to loads arising from the pressure of the mass of the house and on other influences of such as water, temperature:. A fiberglass reinforcement can be an alternative to metal reinforcement – a very good option and a reliable replacement.

What should you pay attention to when choosing reinforcement?

First of all, you must count the loads based on the indicators of which you will choose the material. If, when choosing this metal rolling, you prefer such a characteristic as strength, then the composite reinforcement is best suited for this. If your home is not very heavy (up to 50 tons), you can buy working reinforcement, the diameter of which should be no more than 10 mm. For buildings, the weight of which exceeds 50 tons, you need to use installation reinforcement, since it is designed for structures with a large weight. If you are interested in fiberglass reinforcement, its price, then here you need, first of all, to be guided by such parameters as the diameter and quantity. Basically, the minimum price of such pleasure is from 10 rubles per one piece. Any construction store will provide you with a price list that will help you navigate in its pricing policy and choose the most suitable option for yourself, but first of all pay attention to the quality of the material, so that you do not regret it later.

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