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How to choose ceiling panels

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Nowadays, at the peak of popularity are decorative panels of various types.

Panels made of mineral fiber are actually made of stone cotton wool, which has passed special processing. Wet molding of products allows you to mix with clay, perlite and gypsum, which plays the role of binding material. Several layers of paint are applied to the surface of the panel in the future. The ceiling product “Baikal” belongs to the category of economy class. Such panels are suitable for stations, office premises and public buildings. The surface of the panel is embossed with scattered wormholes. The panel “Decorative” is supplied from the Middle Kingdom. It looks like a panel produced by the European Armstrong company, but the Chinese product is much thinner and not so dense. The wormhole is scattered across the white field of the “decorative” and a perforation is applied. The Panel “Lily” offers the Danish company “Rockphone”. A canvas made of special glass is placed on its front surface. The panel is fireproof, waterproof and soundproof.

Spectacular mirror, matte ceiling surfaces, as well as masterpiece stained -glass windows and a real work of art – art painting are born from glass panels. Glass panels are made of silicate or acrylic material. On the crest of a fashionable wave today there are ceilings of matte glass, on the surface of which the image is applied by means of sandblasting. Such panels are not afraid of high humidity and are great for the bathroom, pools, saunas.

If you need to urgently move to another apartment, the company offers the choice of gazelle for transporting goods at low prices.

Aluminum panels are addressed to cassette ceilings. They can be matte, glossy, with a mirror effect or polymer spraying. Such panels do not support combustion and have a decent service life.

LED panels are also designed for cassette ceilings. They can play the role of not only finishing material, but also the lamp.

Acoustic panels are made of soft fiberboard. Such products are produced by the Finnish company Isotes. Each such panel has a spike and a groove, so it connects like a laminate.

Reese ceilings are long and very narrow panels recorded on the frame. They are aluminum, steel and plastic.

Panels made of MDF are mounted to the ceiling surface by means of a stapler. Products are not afraid of water, easy to care and easily install.

Infrared panels are innovative products, since they form an excellent microclimate in the room and at the same time heat it.

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