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How to enter the air conditioner in the interior

by newsgary

In my own apartment I want not only comfort. In winter – heat, and in summer – cool. But the air conditioner, perfectly performing these two functions, does not look at home. And usually stands out against the background of the interior.

How to enter it into the interior of your room?

1. Make the air conditioner a wall of the same color as it. Then the air conditioner will visually merge with the wall and will be invisible.

2. Buy air conditioning of the same color as the wall – go other interior details. On sale you can find a variety of flows of air conditioners. One minus – they cost more than white.

3. Another option is to buy a self -adhesive film in the color of the interior and glue the air conditioner with it. Cheap and … easy to replace with another when you get tired.

4. Use niches in the wall. The air conditioner can be hidden in a niche, and the “excess” space is closed with gypsum plasters or other materials.

4. Hide in the suspended ceiling. In the ceiling, it will be necessary to make holes for the fence and release of air, as well as the hatch for servicing the air conditioner.

5. Buy air conditioning or channel type – its visible part can be hidden by blinds.

6. Build in a closet with a special ventilation grill.

7. If the rooms are separated by thin partitions, then the air conditioner can be built into the partition and it will cool 2 rooms at the same time.

8. Modern models of air conditioners make original design. For example, they are executed under the frame for photography. Insert any photo under the glass, and the air conditioner will imperceptibly perform its main function.

9. Air conditioning can be placed above the window, decorated with curtains and fabric. Or in space above the doors.

10. If no option has yet suited you, perhaps the curtains will help you. Or board for drawing chalk.

To cover up with something split system, decorate without losing its functions a little fantasy. I’m sure you will succeed!

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