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Four rules of external walls

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Four rules of external walls

Any construction begins with the awareness of what you want to see the future house. And negative information does not fit into these thoughts. No one thinks that the walls can crack, fall apart or crumble. Everyone is the prediction, this is the structure of ideal beauty and that this house will be simple for many decades. And for the fact that everything was just like that. That life in the new house has not overshadowed the troubles when building the facial walls, you need to rely on four rules.  These rules are universal for any buildings and from any material.

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The first rule and the most basic is that the walls that you build should be quite strong. The walls are required to bear confidence in the fortress and durability. The walls should also carry dynamic loads and statistical loads and for this reason they should be strong.

The second rule refers to the warmth of the house. Build the house taking into account its thermal protection. Consider what material it holds, how warm and already based on this information, immediately think about insulation.

The third rule is vapor barrier. Steam, this is a fairly significant problem of houses. If it does not have the opportunity to exit, then the steam will deposit on the walls and the room will be raw. The multi -layer walls must be equipped with ventilation, and especially if the wall insulation is carried out by mineral wool.

And the last fourth rule, this is the equipment of structures that will protect from groundwater and precipitation.

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