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Chevrolet Orlando 2014

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General Motors has launched a completely new model of its production called Orlando. The car is intended for the European market, Russia and the CIS countries. This car is made in the body of WAGON specifically for family trips.

The appearance of the car is primarily volume. The car is really large. You will immediately notice a wide, but rather short hood of a car. The hood received 3 stiffness ribs. The car has large headlights, which significantly improves light overview during night trips. The bumper does not have a strong relief, and at the same time not large fog -tulle and a wide air intake in the lower part.

The dimensions of the new car amounted to: length of 4650 mm, width of 1830 mm, its height of 1630 mm, wheelbase is 2760 mm, and the clearance or road clearance was 164 mm.

The car interior introduced himself a huge and comfortable space for the driver and passengers. The developers promise convenient seats, and the multifunctionality of the car, the main multimedia functions are also available for the driver on the steering wheel.

Orlando allows you to accommodate six passengers and driver. Two chairs in front, two in the middle and three seats at the very end. Despite this, the trunk does not particularly allow yourself to accommodate a lot of baggage. The permissible volume that the trunk accommodates is 89 liters. If you add the latest series of seats, it will be possible to accommodate luggage with a volume of 466 liters. Well, if you fold almost all the seats, you can accommodate about 1,500 liters.

The technical characteristics are also amazing. The car will be available with several types of engines. Namely, first of all, a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.8 liters, which, thanks to a turbocharger produces 141 liters.With. A motor with a volume of 2.0 gives 163 liters.With. With the same turbocharged. The choice of gearbox is in five -speed mechanics and a six -speed automatic.

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