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Chiller. What it is

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The basis of most industrial climatic systems is a chiller installation. This unit is a cold generator that works on the principles of release of thermal energy during condensation, compression and expansion of substances. This allows you to make the device economical and involves unlimited possibilities in the field of arranging climatic systems and microclimate management in premises of various volumes.

The main means of transferring thermal energy is a refrigerant, the role of which is a liquid substance based on water. Its transmission is carried out through special highways and various locking reinforcement. The system, in addition to chillers, also uses fancoles, which are heat exchangers.

The fundamental climate management technology involves the generation of cold chiller, which is supplied to the fanlyx filled with a refrigerant. The latter, in turn, is transmitted to the distance to consumers. The system can be used to regulate climate in residential or industrial premises, as well as for heat removal from industrial or electronic equipment.

Distinctive features and basic characteristics

The fundamental characteristic of any chiller is the value of cold production, which indicates the performance of the device. In general, this parameter reports how much heat the machine can divert from the refrigerant. Depending on the design, they distinguish:

Monoblock chillers. All components and units are located in a single case – compressor, evaporator and capacitor.

Two -Modular units. Consist of a pair of separate installation blocks – a cooling machine and a capacitor, which is installed outside the building. The connection of two modules in a single design is made using freon pipelines.

Regardless of the execution of the unit, the capacitor cooling is carried out by air or water.

In the catalog of the company, Tadal, various for execution and functionality devices that can be used to create climatic systems of any power. Some devices can additionally operate in the heat pump mode, which allows you to operate the heating system in the winter time. More detailed answers to the question “Chiller, what it is?»You can get from the company’s consultants in our office or by calling the phone number indicated on the website.

The advantages of chiller -based systems

In addition to high energy efficiency and power, one of the main features of the chillers is its unlimited possibilities. In the system, you can use any number of heat exchangers, the total power of which does not exceed the corresponding value of the refrigerator. It should also be noted the savings for the implementation of the system – for the transfer of the refrigerant, ordinary waterways are used, the cost of which is much lower than similar products for the transfer of gaseous coolants.

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