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Than radius cabinets are good.

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Radius cabinets.

Currently, radius cabinets began to be especially popular. They can fit perfectly into almost any interior, thanks to their concave and convex forms. If you have a choice between finished furniture and furniture on order, then of course the best for you will be the second. After all, furniture made to order does not require any certain efforts when choosing, but only a clear calculation of the size of the room or office premises and awareness of their own desires.

Basically, radius cabinets are installed in the corner of the room. It should also be noted that these cabinets are very spacious, compact, as well as functional and quite simple. It is with the help of such furniture that the sharp corners of the room are smoothed out, as a result of which the entire area is optimized.

It should be noted that the designs of this kind are commonly called cabinets of free configuration, because their location is completely dependent on the ideas and imagination of the customer. There is a huge range of radius cabinets that differ in shape and smooth lines. They can be round, combined, concave or convex. Thanks to asymmetric feed, the cabinet can be installed anywhere.

The main advantage of radius furniture is its individuality. In this case, it should be noted that any interior with radius cabinets has a laconic and finished look.

Basically, for the manufacture of such a cabinet, plastic, veneer and metacrille glass are used. It should be noted that the sizes of radius cabinets are quite easily scaled.

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