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Daewoo Nexia car from the last century

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Good day. Looking at the Daewoo Nexia car, you begin to understand that all the same is the main criterion for popularity in the automotive market, this is the price. After all, this car can be said for 30 years, since it has been leading the genealogy from Opel Kadett of the Model of the 80s of the 80s. However, Nexia is now in good demand.

In the Russian market, the car appeared back in 1992. In 1996, they established a large -sized assembly in Rostov. But, only a year later, the Koreans built a full -cycle plant in Uzbekistan, where the cost of Nexia turned out much lower. As a result, Uzbek cars quickly captured the market. By the way, in Uzbekistan Daewoo Nexia, to this day is produced. During his life, the car was restored twice. The last time this happened in 2008.

What is the Daewoo Nexia car?


to restyling

Can be called a weak Nexia place. It rusts very quickly and without special processing through holes can

and after

form after 3-4 years. Doors, windshield and rear arches are particularly subject to corrosion. The cost of body parts is not high. For example, the front door costs 5 – 6 thousand. Nevertheless, it is better immediately after the purchase to make additional body protection and install the lockers.


Almost unchanged from the first versions to the present day. During the last modernization, they tried to at least slightly ennoble him, but apparently, the archaic appearance cannot be corrected. But everything is accessible and understandable, and it is collected quite carefully. The salon will not please. If you can still sit on the front seats comfortably, then on the back sofa is frankly crowded. And if the driver is high, then there is nowhere to put your knees in general. The main trump card, of course, the trunk, as much as 530 liters. Even larger brothers can not always boast of such a volume.

The main trump card is the trunk 530 l


The first Nexia were equipped with 1.5 – a 75 liter liter SOHC gasoline engine. With. Later, the engine was modernized, the ignition distributor was replaced with an electronic module, and the power was brought to 80 liters. With. In 2002, after restyling, 1.6 – a liter DOHC engine from Chevrolet Lacetti began to install on Nexia, 109 liters. With. Both motors perfectly digest 92nd gasoline, but they are sensitive to fuel quality. Especially DOHC. At least a third of these engines due to poor quality gasoline had to be repaired. This is due to the lining of valves. Be sure to monitor the state of the timing drive belt. Theoretically, his cliff should not lead to a meeting of the pistons with valves, but exclude that, for example, because of the carrier on the bottom on the bottom, the valve can be bent, you cannot. Therefore, it is better to change the belt every 60 thousand km, as prescribed by the manufacturer. Cases of radiator leaks are frequent, our aggressive road reagents affect.

There is very little space on the back sofa


Only one gearbox – five -speed “mechanics”. But there are practically no complaints about her work. True, closer to 100 thousand km of run is the difficulty of gear. But this problem is treated for only 1200 rubles, replacing bushings and traction on the culis. Clutch easily survives up to 100 thousand.


It does not differ in a special strength, but it does not cause any special problems. And the consumables are not very expensive: ball supports – 1 thousand; shock absorber racks -3.5 thousand; hub bearings – 4 thousand. The main thing is not to get carried away and not overload the trunk (its volume provokes it), it happened that the springs could not stand it and burst. Shruses will also last at least 100 thousand km, just monitor the state of anthers.

Nexia was sold in our three trim levels. There is practically nothing in the initial one, even heating the rear window. But in the secondary market, such cars are practically not found. Other versions will also not be pleased with an extensive list of options, although the most necessary equipment is present.

Of course, both the Daewoo Nexia car is outdated and technically. But this is just the real “budget” option. After all, the cost of a six -year -old car in the secondary market starts at 150 thousand rubles. As they say, it’s cheaper only for nothing.

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