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Car for Moscow roads

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With a certain degree of confidence, it can be argued that all the information placed on the Internet page can be divided into several categories, the main of which are specific (for example, data about an optical cable or a certain type of building materials) and a common one or another concern each user. This type includes, say, new items, in the field of road transport. According to Finmarket, which refers to the general director of operations performed in Russia, the CIS and Ukraine, at a factory located in Kaluga, the Japanese company Mitsubishi, together with the French Peugeot Citroen, plan to begin the production of an original sedan for the “budget” segment.

Most likely, in view of the sedan that will be produced on the platform precisely Peugeot 308/Citroen C4. In addition, the French do not have to “open America” to create this model, since a sedan has been produced in China on the basis of Citroen C4 car, and last year Peugeot 408, which was a sedan, was based on the famous Peugeot 308.

In addition to this new sedan in Kaluga, it is planned to start the assembly of other models, but Shatz does not report exactly what is being discussed. It was only reported that absolutely all cars will be produced together with the Mitsubishi concern.

Since initially the PEUGEOT Citroen was a rather ambitious task to increase its share from the current 2.7 percent up to 6 percent, as well as the total growth in sales of up to 200 thousand cars.

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